Having Brunch in the morning!

Brunch, delicious and extensive is served on a daily basis.
Enjoy your brunch for 1,5 hours!
Having trouble to enjoy your brunch at a heigth of 42 meters? No problem; we gladly serve your brunch downstairs. Ask the UfO team.

Brunch in Rotterdam


Downstairs we welcome our guests with a bowl of soup, prior to the brunch which is ready for you upstairs in the rotating restaurant. You can choose from a wide variety of cheese, meats, fish, sweets and more goodies.


Ever thought of grill specialities for your brunch? Bacon and eggs, sausages, omelet or pancakes? We make it possible!


In the coolers you can choose milk, soda’s, orange juice, fristi and chocolate milk. Not to forget: freshly ground coffee and different tea types.


For this attraction you pay an entrance fee of €10,00 pp. This ensures your place in the restaurant. Entrance fee is charged when making your on-line reservation. The remaining amount (€15,00 pp) will be charged when entering the restaurant.


Next to the UfO restaurant you will find some pubs with terrace. This can be rented for events and parties. Should you require additional information please ask the UfO team.

Phone: 010 – 313 7 313 or mail to info@uforestaurant.nl


Parking is free of charge for our visitors. We have 3 parking spaces available for touring cars.


Ensure your place in the UfO restaurant with an online reservation. You are requested to be present 20 minutes prior to departure.